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Eagle brand leather

224 SAR 449 SAR

A leather fragrance for men and women, it gives you an enchanting scent that ignites your senses and makes your times more happy and fun, to get a scent that suits you, with a mixture of patchouli and leather, as well as amber and woods.

Brand: Eagle

Gender: men/women

Product Type: Perfume

Category: Perfume

Size: 100 ml

Ingredients: jasmine, leather, bergamot, juniper, tonka bean, cardamom, amber, patchouli, sandalwood, incense .

Concentration: E de Parfum

224 SAR 449 SAR
Two comments

زهره عيسى خديش ال حارث

10 months ago

جميلً جدا


Saad Alalyani

11 months ago

عطر رووعة وأنصح فيه والتغليف فخامه ومميز 👍🏼 والتوصيل سريع جدا الله يوفق القائمين عليه

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